Insurance Planning Support for Financial Professionals

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Case design pillar

Implement support pillar

Client services pillar

Continuing education pillar

New client acquisition pillar

Pillar One: New Client Acquisition Tools

(Attract: Marketing Plan Development): Making YOU a better version of YOU

What we are not: A “turnkey three ring binder” sales system

What we are: We consult with Independent Advisors, to help them with their individuality, their unique personality, messaging and the service that separates them from the norm.

Who: Experienced/Licensed team members and affiliated firms (3rd Party Plugins) bring “Kitchen Table Know How” to carefully designed campaigns that center the messaging around the Advisor. Our Home office Graphic Design team creates tools that the Advisor owns, we steer away from “insert name” generic marketing.

How: One on one development meetings aimed at creating activity generation.

Results: We do not want the Advisor to change we want to help and support an Advisor to become a more productive, best version of YOU.

Case design pillar

Pillar Two: Case Design

The days of selling the product of the day need to be over. We look at every aspect of a client’s situation so we can properly support the insurance portion of the plan. We understand the risk of building a financial plan just for a prospect to take the business to someone else. We can help minimize the time it takes to document a due diligence process centered around a Client’s best interests. Our team works shoulder to shoulder to support Advisors’ case designs so that they can appropriately set and maintain expectations when implementing insurance plans. We provide Advice, not sales assistance, by not always agreeing we challenge an Advisors’s perspective to help them see other aspects of the case. We help them with the why, the why you and the why now of a case.”

  • Case Development and Design Support
  • Collaborative and Objective Insurance Product Analysis
  • Efficient & Unbiased Due Diligence Documentation
  • Custom Growth and Guaranteed Income for Life Planning
  • Safe Money Accumulation Planning
  • Health Care in Retirement Planning
  • Advanced Case and Estate Planning Resources
  • Proactive Case Pipeline Support
  • Access to our Competitive Intelligence Database
Implement support pillar

Pillar Three: Implement Support

  • Local Personal Carrier Appointment Assistance
  • Agent Assist: Paperwork and Online Order Entry Help
  • Multi-Layered Insurance Application Review Process
  • Comprehensive Pending Case Monitoring and Follow Up
Client services pillar

Pillar Four: Client Services

  • Compensation Tracking for Practice and Business Management
  • Web-Enabled Business Tracking for Practice
  • Proactive Policy Holder Services (Enforce Policy Service)
  • Proactive Maturing Policy Notification (Policy Ex-Dating)
Continuing education pillar

Pillar Five: Continuing Education

  • Proactive Weekly and Monthly Newsletters: Economic Studies & Industry News
  • Local “Lunch & Learn” Training & Networking events (Study Groups)
  • Personalized Product Education and Marketplace Training

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